Bacoli is a commune in the Metropolitan City of Naples in the Italian region of Campania and just so happens to be the hometown of Vittorio Tiano. It was there that Vittorio mastered one of his specialty dishes, eggplant parmigiana, at age seven with his Grandmother's own family recipe.

An absolute natural in the kitchen, Vittorio began learning a number of other dishes and thanks to his close proximity to the sea, he makes seafood dishes that are obvious contenders for his best meals. (But we'll let you pick your own favorites!)

Caterina Tiano, a local to the Central Florida area, began hostessing at the adorable age of seven at her parent's restaurant, Whistle Stop Pizza, in Edgewater, Florida.

It was at age thirteen that she began serving at her parent's new location, Ce La Luna -- a pizzeria with wall to wall NASCAR memorabilia, that the restaurant business became second nature to her.

Fast forward to 2007. Vittorio had been in the US since 2006, as a chef in a restaurant in NSB. Cathy, still a server in her family's ventures, had grown up learning to manage the business from her father Joe, and mother Phyllis.

Then in 2007, one night fate would have them both in the same restaurant at the same time. Cathy immediately noticed Vittorio's beautiful green eyes, and he noticed her amazingly warm and light a room smile, and the rest of their courtship is what fairytales are made of.

They were married by 2008, and in lieu of a honeymoon, they opened Tiano's Italian Restaurant in New Smyrna Beach. Many people doubted the swiftness of their nuptials and worried that the young couple were taking on too much responsibility, too soon... but as it turns out, the Tiano;s who are powerhouses in their own right, only strengthen one another as a team and have recently celebrated 12 years of marriage and 11 extremely successful years open at Tiano's NSB, while also having added a booming catering business.

Thanks to the backing of a very loyal crew, family, and community the Tiano's are excited to be expanding into the One Daytona family, with a very special second location.

Tiano's Cucina Italiana will be honoring their lineage by offering the public their very own taste of authentic Italian cuisine straight from the old recipes of both of their families.

Tiano's boasts beautiful seafood dishes as well as woodfired pizza within the comforting ambience of a fun, elegant, and family oriented establishment.

Let Tiano's be part of your holidays, new memories, and one of your new favorite dining experiences. All are welcome. Mangia!



Stephanie Allman, Tiano's Cucina Italiana